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Living so near the Ocean, many of our customers are boat owners and proud of their investment spending as much time as possible on the water. While you want to keep your boat in tip top condition, you really don’t want to give up your time on the water to spend it at the dock cleaning your boat. Here at Baldwin Carpet Cleaning Pros we can save you time and effort by tending to some of those boat cleaning chores for you.

Cleaning Your Boat’s Area Rugs

For those of you who don’t have carpeting in your boats area rugs are often used to help keep your boat’s flooring dryer and less slippery as well as add charm and interest to your boat’s décor.

However, like carpeting in a boat, area rugs are subject to dust, dirt, stains, odors and the growth of mold and mildew due the constantly damp conditions they are subjected too.

We can clean those area rugs for boat offering you the same two great rug cleaning options we offer for your home’s area rug. We will either clean your rugs right on your boat or pick them up and take them back to our facility and clean them there before returning them back to you fresh and clean.

Cleaning Your Boat’s Upholstery

We’ll not only clean your boat’s carpeting and area rugs, we will also clean your boat’s upholstery as well. We treat the upholstery on your boat with the same care as we treat your home’s upholstery

We use the same state of the art equipment and organic cleaners as we do in your home and will even treat you boat’s upholstery to help slow or prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Whether you want your boat freshened up for the start of the summer boating season, Put in tip top shape when dry docking it for the winter, or simply want to keep your boat looking good during those long summer days of boating with family and friends

Cleaning Your Boat’s Carpeting

Our carpet cleaning technicians will clean the carpeting on your boat as thoroughly and effectively as they clean the carpeting in your home or business. Your boat’s carpeting is subject to the same dirt, stains and odors as your home or business carpeting.

In addition, your boat’s carpeting also has a tendency to draw from the salt spray of the ocean, and walking on your carpeting with damp feet, which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Having the carpeting on your boat cleaned periodically not only will keep your boat looking it’s best, but will also help to prevent bacteria and mold and mildew growth helping to keep your family healthy.

We use the same state of the art equipment and organic cleaners that we use when cleaning the carpeting in your home or business as well as keeping the same extended office hours and same day services.

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