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You’ve paid a healthy price for your home and you want to keep that home in the very best condition possible both as a sense of pride and to keep your investment intact, but also to make sure that should you ever decide to resell you home that you can do at a profit. You have also probably paid a pretty penny for your home’s carpeting and want it to remain functional and looking its best for a long time to come. We here at Baldwin Carpet Cleaning Pros can help you to extend the life of your carpeting and keep it looking new much longer than you might expect.

This needs to be dealt with . Otherwise, it leads to dullness in colors of the carpets coupled with a loosening of fabric which ultimately leads to its wear and tear.
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Onsite and Offsite Cleaning Services

We are providing both onsite and offsite cleaning services. Our competitive and passionate team prioritize your convenience. If you want your carpets to be cleaned at your place, then we can send our team with all the requisite equipment to make sure you get your valuables cleaned at your place. If you ask for, we offer offsite cleaning services as well. In this case, you team will unplug the carpet spread in your house, bring it to our cleaning facilities and then spread it again at your place.

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We are happy to provide our customers with both residential and commercial carpet cleaning service. Whether you live in an old style Colonial or Tudor a more modern ranch style home or an ultra modern condo or co-op we can clean your carpeting for one room or a dozen When cleaning residential carpet cleaning we will be more than happy to clean the carpeting in you single business with carpeting such as your law office, bank, or other business as well as cleaning multiple rooms of carpeting for that B&B or apartment building.

The Three Ingredients That Keep Your Carpeting Looking Its Best

Our carpet cleaning service uses three ingredients that we credit with keeping your carpeting looking its best. For starters, we use only state of the art carpet cleaning equipment. Our steam cleaners are the best money can buy and will reach that ground in dirt deep down into your carpeting fibers where it lifts that dirt to the surface and then the steam cleaners extractors will remove that dirt leaving your carpeting deep down clean.

The second ingredient is our organic cleaning products. These products are tough on dirt, stains, and odors, but gentle on your carpeting fibers. In addition, our green cleaners are safer for your children and pets than chemical carpet cleaning products giving off no chemical fumes and not leaving behind any chemical residue. The third ingredient that makes our carpet cleaning so successful is our trained and experienced carpet cleaning technicians. We train our carpet cleaning technicians ourselves making sure that they know how to properly use our state of the art equipment and organic cleaners. In addition, our technicians learn how to recognize common household stains and odors and the proper way of eliminating them without causing any harm to your carpeting.

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